Long John the Revelator

Long John & The Killer Blues Collective are the result of inward journeys into Heavy Blues, Rock n Roll and alternative music over the past few years. The band have been through hell and high water along the way, with various line-ups and guest musicians, culminating with the brotherhood of Long John, Jules Fly Haffegee, Pip Mailing and Danny Page.

The band’s first album HEAVY ELECTRIC BLUES has been released on Outlaw Records.

The album has been over two years in the making covering studio sessions in Prague, London and finally Lost Boys Studios, Bedfordshire, UK.

The Killer Blues

The Album has evolved along the way says Long John-

"We began the journey with myself and Jules Fly aiming to create an original sound and vibe digging deep into our own Blues/Soul/Punk backgrounds and tapping into vintage blues vibes and deep musical roots, triggering my own personal lyrical Journey, leading me down a path to exploring my own inner demons and spiritual thoughts. You could say this album is spiritual, honest and straight from my soul".

This record is Long John’s first venture outside his own backyard of the Long John Laundry camp-

"It was a trip into the unknown. This album differs from the others as it's really from my heart. I feel it naturally just flowed out of me, nothing was forced, that's why it's taken time to evolve".

Joining Long John in bringing the groove is Jules 'Fly' Haffegee on Bass. Jules and LJ have a long-time partnership in writing and playing, having both toured extensively in the USA and Europe in previous incarnations including The Silver Brazilians and Long John Laundry.

As Jules says - "We knew we could make a killer album and that's what this bands been all about - making super-heavy-weight electric blues".

Pip Mailing
Danny Page

A critical part of this bands structure and backbone of the rhythm section is drummer Pip Mailing; a versatile musician with a great talent for kicking an arrangement into shape, with a true understanding of music. Pip has also the credibility of playing with some truly great bands and musicians including James Burton and The Quireboys. "To me, the band needs to reflect all of our influences, and as a group we have made that happen - we all bring something to the table each and every time we play".

The Brotherhood has been complemented by what can only be described as a world-class guitar player in Danny Page. To say his style takes the songs beyond the mountain peaks to the heavens is probably an understatement. "The style just seems to fit; it did from the very start" says Danny, "I've played everything over the years, and this just gave me a whole new view point; we don't stick to boundaries or borders so it gives me space as a player. I knew we could come up with an approach which would give us an identity and it has, it's powerful stuff."

LJ adds; “We wanted to make an album with conviction. We travelled to the Czech Republic cut the album, then decided its soul had not made the journey home so we set to work with Nick Mailing (an incredible Producer and Bass player) at the Lost Boys Studio in Bedfordshire. Three months later we had it in the bag. This band really works hard but it's a serious pleasure”.

Additional musicians include Nicky Prince on backing vocals, Rob Poyton on Hammond, Henri Herbert (Jim Jones Revue) on Piano, along with Lee Morley on Percussion and Oisin Clancy on Harmonica.

"To call the Killer Blues Collective a Blues band just don't feel right!"  says Long John.

This album has reached deeper into my own soul than I even thought, it’s been a walk through my past and touched on my beliefs and my demons, some may say this is a Holy album, but it’s not, it's a play on my inner human feelings and my travels as a young man in the United States. This concept runs deep throughout this album. “It’s Dark and its mysterious and you got to work it out and that's just what I wanted. I found such a great sense of brotherhood with Jules, Pip and Danny we have taken the trip together... it feels very honest”.

The Killer Blues

"We all felt that we needed to represent this release in an honest way” says Jules; “Releasing it on Vinyl was the only option for us to bring back the authentic magic of Music and Art”.

So, along came renowned artist Johnny Stingray who captured the image of the musical journey and captured the space and time of this Record.

JL; “Not many Artists come and hang out with the band at shows and spend the day in a recording session so they get it!  He is a true visionary and his style is original and darkly to the point."

Live, the band cast a formidable presence.  A show stopping performance of powerful preaching vocals and screaming guitars held down by a vibe soaked drum and bass powerhouse. This is live Blues of a different kind.

Hard hitting and non-apologetic.

-Great night with Long John and the Killer Blues Collective. If rather than simply 'listening' to a tune you like to be possessed from within the very depths of a riffed-up blues attack on the senses then this IS the band for you. You don't need to pass Go..... You don't have to directly proceed to jail..... You simply settle here sling back a large one and prepare to be rocked! Buy the Ticket and Take the ride!